Where Do Hurricanes Occur in Mexico?

The Atlantic Ocean.Image via WikipediaIf you’re planning a trip or vacation in a tropical climate such as Mexico it would be a good idea to know when and where hurricanes occur. Hurricanes and more generally, tropical cyclones occur in seven distinct areas around the globe. Several hurricane formation basins are much livelier than others and manufacture many more tropical storms and hurricanes.

How Hurricanes Form

When comparing formation zones, some tropical cyclone basins have a greater duration and time frame in which tropical cyclones may occur during the year. How hurricanes form; most tropical cyclones form from a disturbance in the monsoon trough. However the north Atlantic basin is significantly different though, due mainly because most of these hurricanes form from easterly waves of which originate from Africa

Hurricane Season Forecast

The North Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season begins: June 1 through to November 30; and becoming more active in mid August through the latter part of October. Locations included in this region are the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricanes may also affect the southern and eastern U.S., the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, eastern Mexico, and eastern Canada.

The Eastern North Pacific Ocean, hurricane season begins: May 15 through to November 30. The Eastern North Pacific Ocean is known as the second most active region for tropical cyclones in the world. Included in this basin are the popular tourist destinations and resorts of western Mexico and Cabo San Lucas.

Pacific Hurricane Season

The Northwest Pacific Ocean, Typhoon season: Year round, and is the most active basin in the world. Most typhoons form July through November. This zone covers Guam, the Philippines, southeast China, and Japan.

The Bay of Bengal or, Arabian Sea, harsh Cyclonic storm season: Early April through the end of December. This basin has a double maximum because of the monsoon through moving through at two different times of the year. Maximums occur from mid April through May and from mid September through mid December. These tropical cyclones effect India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

The Southwest Pacific Ocean, Severe Tropical Cyclone Season: Mid October through May 1. These tropical cyclones may affect eastern Australia.

The Southeast Indian Ocean, Severe Tropical Cyclone Season: Mid October through May. These tropical cyclones may affect northern and western Australia. This basin has a double maximum in mid January, and mid February through early March.

The Southwest Indian Ocean, Tropical Cyclone Season: October 15 - May 15. These tropical cyclones may affect Madagascar and southeastern Africa. A double maximum occurs in mid January and mid February through early March.

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